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Material –EPDM 513 (Source: Germany, Italy) EPDM 513 (Ethylene Propylene-Diene-Monomer)is a high quality, zinc-free synthetic elastomer that is peroxide cured. Durometer: 80 ± 5 Shore “A” scale. EPDM 513 is specifically formulated for use in the marine environment, certified by European Union REACH standards to have no known impact. Approved for use by Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife in September 2014. Approval by Washington State Department of Ecology Pollution Prevention Program is still in review.(May 2016) EPDM 513 is highly resistant to seawater, sunlight, and oxidation. Resistant to heavy wear and tear. Withstands temperatures as high as 150˚ F and as low as -60˚ F. Lifetime tests exceed testing range of 30 years. Compression recovery and impact resiliency are excellent. Water absorption is negligible. Material –3CR12 (Source: South Africa, USA) 3CR12 is a weld-able ferritic stainless steel, specifically designed for aggressive material handling applications. It is intended to provide the benefits of traditional stainless steel, such as strength, corrosion and abrasion resistance, durability and low maintenance. CR12 stands for “corrosion resistant with 12% Chromium.” 3CR12 maintains a consistently low cost advantage compared to other corrosion resisting materials. Offers the option to reduce costs through eliminating protective treatments and corrosion allowances. In service, this utility stainless steel goes on to generate savings in maintenance, improved productivity and longer service life. It is proven to offer lower life cycle costs than traditional materials where corrosion or abrasion affect service conditions.

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